When a BID becomes a Super-BID

When a BID becomes a Super-BID

Many many BID’s have been busy adapting over the last few months, but what makes a BID become a Super-BID? One of our Associates has shared some of his recent activities that have gone above and beyond day to day work.

Tom heads up the Hitchin Business Improvement District (BID), which, since 2009, exists to deliver more customers & profit for town centre businesses. The BID also supports its businesses by providing them with a range of benefits and by supporting the management & development of the town. Heartflood recently supported the organisation to gain a strong mandate for work to continue until at least 2024.

The day to day work of the BID already covers a wide range of activities, although Tom and his team have really stepped up to the mark over the past few months, which has resulted in what was already a very effective BID becoming a veritable Super-BID. Just a few examples of the additional activities carried out by the BID include:

  • Negotiation of rent reductions
  • Bulk buying of face masks, sanitizer, hand wipes and perspex screens
  • Opening the Market Place to alfresco dining for restaurants with limited indoor or outdoor space
  • Producing an interactive retail map to allow the public to click on a business and visit their online store
  • Running a series of campaigns to promote town centre businesses
  • Selling business vouchers from the town centre information centre
  • Planning a December Christmas Market which will exclusively feature produce from town centre businesses

Heartflood is formed from a team of Associates, all of whom have considerable experience and cutting-edge skills in the field of Place Management. We are proud of our links to Hitchin and to count Tom amongst our team of expert advisors. Examples such as this remind us why we are so passionate about the vitality of our towns & cities. Whilst nobody is under any illusion about the challenges currently facing our places, we are confident that places like Hitchin remind us of our belief that well-run towns and cities run by passionate, dedicated local managers will continue to thrive into the future.