Business Recovery Support in the Cotswolds


To support the reopening of ten town and village centres across the Cotswolds, Cotswold District Council recognised that a business support programme would benefit the long-term sustainability of their places and commissioned Heartflood to deliver the programme.

Based on our expert knowledge, Heartflood created a bespoke recovery toolkit for businesses to use, listing information and signposting businesses to both local and national resources.

Specialist business advisors visited businesses across ten locations, listening to their key concerns and offering advice and support covering retail, hospitality and professional services. Our experts also delivered one-to-one consultations remotely.

Every business is different, but there were common themes that we addressed time and again including

  • Access to grants or loans
  • Business strategy
  • Covid-19 and trading safely
  • Marketing and promotion, particularly digital marketing
  • Online sales, including click & collect
  • Finances and cashflow
  • Support with business diversification

We know that independent businesses are resilient and continually adapt to challenges and opportunities. They always have and always will. But after a particularly challenging year that brought new trading practises, the challenges of navigating financial support and with digital marketing becoming even more critical, facilitating recovery through business support is key. It’s important as the vibrancy and success of the High Street is reliant on the resilience and long-term sustainability of local businesses. Our experts have met many successful vibrant and nimble businesses who have pivoted their business and implemented new strategies like never before. We’ve also met many independent businesses who have welcomed support regarding finances, marketing and business diversification. We wish all of them the best as they continue to adapt, recover and move towards growth.