Images of street furniture, shops and merchandise that summarise the essence of the High StreetHelping your Businesses Recover

Heartflood’s place managers understand how challenging the ongoing circumstances are to a wide range of businesses. The vibrancy and success of the High Street is reliant on the resilience and long term sustainability of local businesses who continually adapt to challenges and opportunities. Our expert business advisors can deliver business support services on behalf of place managers.  

Our Services

Heartflood’s specialist business advisors have decades of experience working within business, retail and hospitality sectors and can both guide independent businesses through recovery and advise on measures that optimise long term success. Services include:


How we deliver our services

We recognise that the more businesses that access the support, the greater success the recovery of towns and our programme is designed to optimise the number of businesses signing up to support schemes. Promotion of business support services is done by:

And you’ll get regular updates on our performance.

How do I access funds

Business Support services can be funded from a range of sources including European Regional Development Funding (ERDF), The Welcome Back Fund and Reopening High Streets Safely Fund (RHSS).

Find out more

Our business advisors can help independent businesses adapt, survive and improve their resilience through targeted interventions. To find out more about Heartflood supporting your place get in touch or call Chris on 07854027080