Images depicting our work including street scenes, shops and floral displays contributing to place makingAction Plans to Support Recovery

Heartflood understands how challenging the previous year has been to places and their businesses. Tailored recovery plans, based on an audit, stakeholder feedback and our expert knowledge will facilitate both the recovery and long-term development of our centres.

Our services

Heartflood’s specialist place managers have decades of experience working within cities, towns and smaller centres to grow the economic and social prosperity of places. We’ve worked with a number of Business Improvement Districts, Town Centre Partnerships, Town Teams and Community Interest Companies to identify action plans for their place. Recovery planning services include:

How we deliver

We recognise that the more businesses, visitors and stakeholders input into recovery plans the more effective they will be in the implementation phase. As such, you’ll receive:

  • a robust engagement programme including leaflets, visiting businesses, and a toolkit of social media marketing assets for stakeholders
  • an assessment report highlighting your challenges, opportunities and key messages from stakeholders
  • a clear action plan for you to take away and deliver

How do I access funds

Town Centre Recovery Plans can be funded from a range of sources including European Regional Development Funding (ERDF), The Welcome Back Fund and Reopening High Streets Safely Fund (RHSS).

Find out more

It has never been more vital to reassess our centres, to create action plans to aid recovery and facilitate the shift to long term sustainability. To find out more about how Heartflood can develop your local recovery plan, get in touch.