Our services

Place Management advice and support

Heartflood provide a tailored Place Management advice service whether it’s a comprehensive approach to Destination development or support and advice in specific areas of interest and concern.

Town and City Centre Research

We are able to offer a range of services to town and city centres, including:

  • Benchmarking reports
  • Mystery visitor exercises
  • Place audits
  • Public realm assessments
  • Retail and economic analysis

Management Services

Our experience of working in over 125 UK locations means that we can offer a range of management services, including:

  • Governance, process and policy advice
  • Interim management
  • Management audits & reviews
  • Operational support
  • Place management best practice

Business Support

As extremely experienced place makers, we understand the challenges facing businesses and Heartflood’s High Street Experts can provide businesses with:

  • Advice for long term continuity
  • Business resilience toolkits
  • Diagnostic services
  • Introductions to key local stakeholders
  • Signposting to local and national support
  • Skills training

Additional services

We consistently demonstrate imagination and innovation and also adopt a very flexible and responsive approach to many other requirements.

With cutting-edge knowledge of current best practice, we work closely with our clients and their stakeholders to research, plan and deliver the very best results, whatever the budget.

Additional services include advising upon and delivering:

  • Destination Management structures
  • Environmental and streetscene improvements
  • Major town centre events and festivals
  • Sustainable funding opportunities
  • Town and City Centre business plans