Our services

Place Planning

Given the ongoing challenges facing many places, we are increasingly finding that clients need detailed solutions for their town, city or wider area via a cost-effective approach.

Our approach

Rather than a conventional masterplan approach, typified by high costs and limited delivery mechanisms, we can offer a Place Plan, which brings the intended benefits of masterplanning, although provides a clear and deliverable framework of improvements which is focused on achievable and deliverable key outcomes.


Key aspects of our place plans

We bridge the gap which currently exists between small-scale tactical activities and strategic masterplans and adopt a hybrid approach which creates a plan filled with substance and which identifies a specific and achievable framework of key actions. Key to our approach is consultation and engagement to ensure that actions reflect local priorities.

What our place plans include

Our bespoke approach to place planning includes:

  • Detailed review of planning & economic policies
  • Research of a range of factors to assess the dynamics of the area
  • Clear and achievable opportunities and recommended actions
  • Extensive time on site to gain a detailed understanding of the place
  • Face to face liaison with a wide range of businesses, residents and stakeholders
  • Analysis of drivers for change, national place context, socio-economic challenges and detailed catchment analysis

Additional services

We consistently demonstrate imagination and innovation and also adopt a very flexible and responsive approach to many other requirements.

With cutting-edge knowledge of current best practice, we work closely with our clients and their stakeholders to research, plan and deliver the very best results, whatever the budget.

Additional services include advising upon and delivering:

  • Destination Management structures
  • Environmental and streetscene improvements
  • Major town centre events and festivals
  • Sustainable funding opportunities
  • Town and City Centre business plans