The team

Sarah Bassett

Associate Partner

With a particular focus on Suburban, Rural, Market Towns and High Sts, Sarah specialises in engaging regional & local, public & private sector stakeholders to form formal working partnerships.

Sarah’s strong marketing background arms her with the skills required to assist towns in identifying the unique DNA of their individual place. She then guides them through the implementation of Retail, Hospitality and Tourism Strategy; Place, Branding and Marketing Strategy, Digital High St Strategy; Subsequent Funding Applications and Overall Implementation. Sarah’s previous work secured a win at The Great British High St Awards.

Sarah firmly believes that future proofing town centres for the next generation is imperative. Our High Sts are key to social wellbeing, the heart of communities and vital to the economy. Her passion is for independent retail and digitally connected high sts, and her flair is for successfully engaging stakeholders and securing the future of places.