Has Place Management got an Image Problem?

Well, maybe not so much an image problem…as a profile problem…and maybe not so much a profile problem…as an inadequate profile… Tantalising as it may be right now, imagine yourself for a moment being in a real, physical bar…talking to a real, physical person…and they ask you “So, what do you do then?”. You take […]

Business Recovery Support in the Cotswolds

To support the reopening of ten town and village centres across the Cotswolds, Cotswold District Council recognised that a business support programme would benefit the long-term sustainability of their places and commissioned Heartflood to deliver the programme. Based on our expert knowledge, Heartflood created a bespoke recovery toolkit for businesses to use, listing information and […]

BID Development in a COVID World

Heartflood were delighted to have been selected to support the development of the Christchurch Business Improvement District in late-2019 and we anticipated no major problems with the project. Our confidence continued through the initial stages of supporting a new Steering Group of local representatives to widely consult businesses and organisations about their priorities for the […]

What is Place Management?

As we come out of Lockdown, and continue to implement recovery plans, Place Management has never been more vital. Place Management grows the economic and social prosperity of places, whether it’s delivered via a Town Centre Partnership, Business Improvement District, Town Team or Community Interest Company. Aspects of Place Management include: Shared VisionPlace Management models […]

When a BID becomes a Super-BID

Many many BID’s have been busy adapting over the last few months, but what makes a BID become a Super-BID? One of our Associates has shared some of his recent activities that have gone above and beyond day to day work. Tom heads up the Hitchin Business Improvement District (BID), which, since 2009, exists to […]

Place Management in Small Towns

Place Management isn’t just for cities and large towns. For the last year, Heartflood has been offering pro-bono support to Visit Knowle, who represent a small town on the boundary of Warwickshire & the West Midlands. Whilst Knowle is probably too small to form a Business Improvement District (an idea informally explored by local businesses […]

Is the New Normal the New Normal?

For thousands of years, human civilisation can point to the formation of towns & cities which, whilst being shaped by sometimes spectacularly destructive human and natural forces, have continued to evolve and adapt. They have through time, continued to provide compelling reasons for people to visit and congregate. Whilst the current economic, social and natural […]

Place Management Is Just Like Spinning Plates

As a Place Manager, you’ve probably heard or may even have said the following expression: “It’s just like spinning plates”. Sound familiar? If you work in Place Management, I’m sure it does. It’s a statement we usually make as a reference to feeling under pressure because of having too many things to do at the […]